Welcome to Southern Belize Water Taxi


There are several official ports of entry into Belize and these include: Punta Gorda, Dangriga, Mango Creek, and Corozal, Belize City.

Several regularly scheduled services transport passengers to Puerto Cortes, Honduras and Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.

D Express Mango Creek to to Puerto Cortes, Honduras only on Friday and return from Puerto Cortes Only Mondays.

Mariestela 1 & 2 Boat travels from Punta Gorda to Puerto Barrios at least two times daily.

Air-conditioned luxury bus trip to Belize City . Avoid the unpaved road on the peninsula for an express route to Belize City .

Departs daily from Mango Creek/Independence at 7:30am.

Take the Hokey Pokey water taxi to Independence from Placencia Village. Located at he MNM Gas Station Dock.

Contact Mr. Burgies and Get your ticket at the Placencia Terminal is locate at the water Taxi Gas Station

Taxi Fee: $10.00 BZD Duration: 10 minutes

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