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My name is Jorge David Aguallo originaly from Benque Viejo del Carmen been in the marketing and publicity business since 1989, since then ive been traveling the beautiful contry of Belize and meeting people from all over the world and friquently ask me about how hard can it be to relocate to this jewil, and very interested in the real estate industry, dring the time i have recomended many people and advising them in how to look for the right location to relocate in Belize.

In 2017 I embark in a realty traning from
Rain Forest Realty as at the time they amalgamate with a United States Franchise from the united States Keller Williams Belize International and sice then I desided to go in full swing into the real estate services during this time I have provide my proffecional services to many real estate companies from across the country, eg. Rain Forest Realty, Seaside Real Estate, Sirena del Mar Real Estate, Caye Management, Ceiba Realty, Emerald Futures Relty, Consejo Shores, Belize North Realty, Caribbean Properties Consultants and others and now serving independently with professionalism and integrity ... MORE
Jorge David Aguallo
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